Winterize Your Hot Tub in a Few Easy Steps

You own a hot tub and winter’s here in the Capital District of New York. What happens now?

You enjoy it!

When you own a hot tub from Life’s Great Spas, there’s not a need to winterize, unless you’re leaving, or you know you won’t be using it.

Each and every spa and hot tub from Life’s Great Spas is made to be enjoyed all year round. Built to last in the toughest environments, New York cold temperatures don’t damage these tubs as long as they’re properly maintained.

Life’s Great Spas are made with an Ecco-Life Insulation System that provides superior insulation and reduces any chance of heat loss, no matter the temperature outside. And, unlike inflatable hot tubs, Life’s Great Spas are made with the best materials and heaters, designed to provide relaxation in the darkest months of winter.

But if you are planning on taking a break from using your hot tub, here are a few steps you can follow to make sure your spa is ready again, when you are.

Disconnect the hot tub from the power supply.

First, make sure to turn off the electrical breaker running the hot tub outlet. Then unplug the electrical connection and detach the plumbing lines.

Remove filter cartridges when Winterizing your hot tub.

Filters are only as effective as they are clean. Remove filters and clean them with a product such as Spa Perfect. Then store filters somewhere safe and dry. If filters are more than a year old, throw them out. Replace filters when you reopen your hot tub.

Drain Water to Winterize your hot tub.

You must drain all water when winterizing your hot tub because if water freezes inside it will expand and damage the tub. Attach a garden hose to the main valve and drain using gravitational pull. This process should take about one hour.

Vacuum hot tub after draining.

Use a shop vac to ensure there is zero water left in the plumbing lines. Connect one end of the hose to the vacuum and place the other inside the tub. Turn on for only a few seconds to get air flowing. Remove hose to release water outside of the tub.

Drain Power to Winterize Your Hot Tub

Open unions on both the pump and the meter. Drain pump as well by removing drain plugs on the bottom of pump housing.

Remove Power Pack

Depending on your spa model, you can remove the power pack and store it indoors.

Cover Hot Tub When You Winterize

Make sure your cover is well-fitted and not damaged. You don’t want to risk any cold getting underneath. If you have doubts, now is the time to replace the cover, not when you reopen the tub.

Cover Again to Winterize Your Hot Tub

Place a board over your hot tub cover when you winterize. This will protect the cover from heavy ice and snow, extending its life. Too much weight on the cover causes it to collapse, no longer protecting the hot tub.

A Spa for Every Season

Whether you use your hot tub year-round, or winterize it, your tub from Life’s Great Spas is built to fit your lifestyle and last. Follow these easy steps to close it up when needed. Then open it up for relaxation whenever you’re ready, no matter the season. If you need assistance, please submit a Maintenance Request and we will be happy to help.

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