7 Swim Spa Exercises to Try

People sometimes have the mistaken impression that swim spas are good for some light cardio or are designed specifically for strong swimmers. At Life’s Great Spas we know from experience that people of all ages and fitness levels can get positive results from a wide variety of swim spa workout routines.

Here’s why:

Low impact — When standing in chest-high water you’re only supporting about 90 percent of your body weight. This buoyancy helps to minimize the stress on joints considerably. If you’re recovering from an injury or suffer from chronic pain a swim spa workout offers a way to exercise more comfortably and safely.

Water resistance — Water creates a constant, equal resistance that works your muscles in a way that can’t be duplicated in the gym and generates a higher calorie burn than “dry” workouts.

Increased flexibility — Because water lessens the effects of gravity, people can move their bodies through a wider range of motion. This helps improve flexibility and is excellent for rehabbing muscle and joint injuries.

Are you ready to get fit in the comfort of your own home?

Here are 7 exercises you can use to get the most out of your Life’s Great Swim Spa:

Swimming laps — After all, this is what these spas excel at in terms of exercise. Swim into the jets for a full-body workout or incorporate a kickboard or other floatation device to work the lower body. Don’t forget to vary the swim strokes and change the level of the jets to make sure the workouts are well-rounded.

Power walking and jogging — This is good for both warming up and a full workout. After you get your heart rate up, pick up your knees and pump your arms. Make sure the feet make a soft landing and the heels hit the ground first and bounce off the bottom of the spa. Walking/jogging can be done with or without the swim jets. If you do use them, turn the jets up through the workout for higher intensity.

Squat jumps — Start with your shoulders under the water. Legs should be wide apart with your toes toward the front of the spa. If using the jets, start low so you can be sure to maintain your balance. Remember to breathe — inhale on way down and exhale on the jump.

Ride a bike — Similar to jogging but targets the lower body more effectively. Hold onto the edge of the spa (or the bar) and move your legs like you’re riding a bike against the swim jets. This is a good lower body and core workout that will also build cardio and endurance.

Lunges – Take a big step toward the water jets and bend your knees until your head is just above the water. Then return to a standing, neutral position. You can add difficulty to this movement by holding a weight with both hands to your chest. Go the other direction to do reverse lunges. Great for building endurance and improving balance.

Knee raises — Grab the bar above the swim jets and pull your knees slowly to your chest. You can also grasp the bar with one hand and do the raises while on your side. Doing these against the jets is a great core exercise.

Step-ups — Use the spa steps the same way you would use a step box in the gym. This great lower body, balance exercise is easier in the spa because you’re buoyant as you come out of the water. This gives you a boost and also lessens the impact when stepping down into the spa.

These exercises just scratch the surface of the types of workouts you can do in your Life’s Great Swim Spa. We offer a wide variety of accessories specially designed for spa workouts and would love to help you take the first steps on your aqua fitness journey. If you reside in the Capital District of New York, we would be pleased to assist you! Our showroom is in Malta, NY and we are accepting appointments.

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