Can I Take my Dog in the Hot Tub?

Hot tubs aren’t safe for dogs – and dogs aren’t safe for Hot Tubs. Read on for the reasons your Cuddly Friend should stick to sprinklers.

The Truth About Dogs and Hot Tubs

We take them everywhere these days. Make a quick run to TJ Maxx and you’ll see more puppies than babies. But when it comes to your Hot Tub, put on a movie for Fido. He needs to sit this one out.

Truth: Hot Tubs are Dangerous for dogs

Keep your dog out of your Hot Tub to protect your dog in these three ways:

Feeling Hot Hot Hot: Dogs don’t sweat. Dogs pant. So 102 degrees – the average temperature for a Hot Tub will cause your pet to overheat.

Different Skin Types: The chemicals that keep your tub clean and germ-free are too strong for your Dog. Chlorine and other sanitizing solutions will dry out dog skin quickly.

Swim at Your Own Risk: Your dog can easily drown in a hot tub. Don’t invite him in when you’re in it – and always keep the cover on when you’re not.

Truth: Dogs are dangerous for Hot Tubs

Keep your dog out of your Hot Tub to protect your Hot Tub in these three ways:

All that hair: You know the dog hair that fills your vacuum and dust pan every evening? It will go to work clogging Hot Tub filters in no time. Keep your Hot Tub in peak condition, and minimize your maintenance by keeping your Sweet Dog out.

Dog Product: Your dog uses treatments such as flea repellents. While these products help your Pup live an itch-free life, when they wash off in the Hot Tub, they add toxins to the water. If you purchased your Hot Tub from Life’s Great Spas, you invested in a personalized spa experience – and one that cleanses toxins! You and your guests won’t want to get out smelling like a flea bath.

Scratch, Scratch, Scratch: Even though your dog seemed desperate to jump in your Hot Tub, chances are once included, he’ll feel confined and panicky. Then he’ll scratch the sides of the tub trying to get out, and damage the finish.

You can Have Both, just Not Together

You love your Dog. You love your Hot Tub. But this doesn’t mean the two go together. Take your dog for a run on the beach and then relax afterwards in your spa. Rest assured that your Pup is safe inside gnawing on a chew toy, and that your Hot Tub will remain clean and like-new.

Your Dog may want to get in your spa with you, but dogs also want to chase cars and climb trees after squirrels. They don’t always know what’s best. You do. Keep your dog, and Hot Tub safe by keeping them apart.

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