5 Drawbacks to Inflatable Hot Tubs

Inflatable hot tubs are a great, less expensive alternative to traditional spas, right? Well, in many aspects it’s definitely a case of getting what you pay for in terms of comfort, usability and features. Here are the main reasons why inflatables don’t measure up to the models offered by Life’s Great Spas.

Cramped, uncomfortable sizes – If the specifications claim an inflatable spa fits “up to four adults,” keep in mind that’s probably true if you’re packed in like a sardine. The inflatable that looks great in the ad gets smaller and less comfortable in a hurry once you and a few friends climb in. The spas available at Life’s Great Spas are designed to comfortably accommodate anywhere from four to seven people with plenty of room to stretch out. View our spa models and swim spa models.

No ergonomic seating – Inflatable hot tubs don’t typically come with molded seats like traditional hot tubs. You can get cushions on some models, but they don’t come close to comparing with ergonomic seating offered on all Life’s Great Spas models. Our hot tubs make it easy to lean back, relax and feel like the seat almost conforms to your body.

Longer heating times – Keeping an inflatable spa hot in cold weather is nearly impossible. In fact, most manufacturers don’t even recommend using inflatables in sub-50-degree weather because the smaller, less efficient heaters they use aren’t up to the job. Even in the summer, heating up an inflatable spa takes longer because they are made of vinyl, which is a poor insulator. At Life’s Great Spas, all of our models feature the Life Blue Insulating System that makes it easy for the Gecko Intelliflo heaters to work their magic in any season.

Durability concerns — Industry experts agree that if you get five years of use from an inflatable spa, you’re lucky. The vinyl construction isn’t very durable and the inferior parts used on many models aren’t reliable. Also, when an inflatable spa breaks down, replacement parts can be difficult to find. On the flip side, a traditional spa will run strong for eight to ten years before you have to consider replacing key parts. All of our Life’s Great Spas are built to last with Gecko premium components and we offer full warranties on everything from filters to pumps to heaters.

Weak Air Jets — Inflatable hot tubs usually only offer air jets, not water jets. This means that you can enjoy bubbling hot water, but the pressure isn’t very impressive. The deluxe Posilock jets and inverted shoulder jets featured on Life’s Great Spa models are next level in terms of deep tissue massage and relaxation. Also, if you want to enjoy the benefits of hydrotherapy, there’s no substitute.

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